Fighting colorectal cancer on two fronts

Cancer patient involved in oncology research sees the power of partnership from personal experience

Barry Stein is not only President of Colorectal Cancer Canada, he’s also a patient. Having seen cancer research in action from both sides of the curtain, he wants Canadians to benefit from his unique perspective.

“As a patient who is engaged in oncology research, I recognize the essential investment by industry as fundamental to the development of personalized healthcare and precision medicines in Canada. Without public-private partnership and increased collaboration between our government agencies, not for profits and industry, access to new precision medicines in oncology and clinical trials would be in jeopardy.

As personalized healthcare begins to take hold in Canada, we all have an obligation to ensure that Canadian patients have equal and timely access to new and effective cancer treatments to improve patient outcomes.

Advances both in genomic profiling and precision medicines necessitate system change and more collaboration than ever before between industry, government, our healthcare systems and patients to ensure that patients benefit from these new advances in a timely manner. 

Having personally benefited from advances in new technologies in cancer treatment and clinical trials in Canada, I know first-hand as a metastatic colorectal cancer patient the importance of these partnerships, so that we can ensure that all Canadian cancer patients have the opportunity to extend and improve the quality of their lives.”

Barry D. Stein 
President, Colorectal Cancer Canada
Colorectal cancer patient